1. Guiding principles for a thriving remote team

    The one thing that gets me out of bed in the morning is a chance to help those around me to accomplish great things. So when I found myself in a struggling remote team I couldn’t resist the opportunity to make improvements. This article outlines the principles that guided me along the way.

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  2. Seven ways to explore the power of pair programming

    For the majority of my career as a programmer I believed that I was way more productive when working solo. Had you been on my team back then, you would have found me almost exclusively wearing noise cancelling headphones, in a deep state of focus, trying to turn out lots of high quality code.Read article

  3. Together we code?

    This is a website about working together. We’ve got a whole bunch of topics to cover, spanning pretty much all aspects of software development. Occasionally, we’ll be venturing out into related topics such as change management, mentoring, and good old-fashioned trust.Read article