A blog about teamwork

Hi, I’m Damien, a software developer with a passion for teamwork. I believe that all great software is made by great teams. Welcome to my blog.

Popular articles

An introduction to Domain Driven Design:
  1. It is first and foremost about teamwork
  2. Towards a ubiquitous language
  3. Focus on collaboration - a ubiquitous language will follow
  4. The limits of ubiquity
  5. Scaling beyond one team
  6. Refinement
  7. Five ways to facilitate change
  8. Is my design any good?
  9. Time for a case study
  10. Conclusion
The socio-technical aspects of microservices:
  1. What are microservices good for, anyway?
  2. A teaser
  3. Ownership
  4. Cognitive load
  5. Learning to run
  6. Teams that depend on you
  7. Teams that you depend on